Dalbeattie Cairn Terriers


I have owned Cairns since 1980.    My dogs are a part of my family.  They live in the house and are part of all daily activities.  I had my first litter in 1987.  I have litters only when I have the time to devote to the pups.  I live in the City of Edmonton and can only have 3 dogs at a time.  This has also limited how often I have puppies, as I usually keep my oldies.

Not only do I breed (occasionally) and show my dogs in Conformation, but have tried many of the dog sports over the years:  Obedience, Rally-O, Earth Dog, Barn Hunt, Chase Ability, Sprinters, Agility, Flyball, and Scent Hurdling - earning titles on several of my dogs past and present.  In December 2011, Lily and I even participated in a local theatre’s production of The Wizard of Oz!

No puppies expected for the next few years, as Skye has been retired after her second C-section in May 2020.  You can still contact me for information about the breed.

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